2018 TRACS Summit Presentations

2018 - tarleton

Keynote Address: 

Being Green in a Red CountyDale Ross, Mayor of Georgetown, TX


Aggie Eco Reps: Engaging Students in Sustainability Initiatives | Texas A&M University

What becoming a BeeCampus means | Abilene Christian University

Energy and Climate PlanningRice University

Dollars are Flying out of Your Green Fund! Does That Equal Success? | Texas A&M University

Landscaping for pollinatorsUniversity of Texas at Austin

On Site Energy Storage to Reduce Peak Demand and Increase Grid StabilityAustin Community College District

4 Steps for Leading Impactful Environmental Change On-Campus | University of Texas at Austin

Transitioning to Renewables: How can we support each other? | Dallas County Community College District

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System: a prototype for an affordable Internet of ThingsUniversity of Texas Rio Grande Valley

UT Green Offices: Building Community and Sharing Best Practices to Facilitate Sustainable Change in the Workplace | University of Texas at Austin

Turning energy, water and waste data into fun and educational material | Austin Community College District

Healthy Communities InitiativeNorth Lake College

Simplified, Holistic Renewable Energy Purchasing Strategies | Texas Energy Aggregation, Rocky Mountain Institute

Network Connectivity between Academic Institutions with the UN Sustainable Development Goal Database | Tarleton State University

Throwing in the Towel: Lessons learned from launching paper towel composting and other unique composting opportunities | Austin Community College District

Tips for Students when Developing Sustainability Initiative Proposals | Trinity University

Service Learning Catalyst | University of Texas at El Paso

Student Intern Program Managers | University of Texas at Austin

Sustainable Tourism: an economic growth engine for local communities | Arete Consulting, Cedar Valley College

The Beauty in the Arts: What an Arts Based Curriculum Looks Like Texas A&M University

Take the first steps in applying to become a Texas-based United Nations Regional Center of Expertise! | Austin Community College District

Designing Interdisciplinary Opportunities for Teaching | Mountain View College

Using Sustainability as a Pathway for Students from K-12- to Higher Education | Cedar Valley College

The Road to Gold: Sustainability Success REALLY IS Written in the STARS | Texas A&M University

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