Slide Deck

Friday February 28
10:15 AM

Session II – Help Me, Help You: Sharing Best Practices in Collaborative Format

Green Diploma Program – Matthew Dempsey,  North Lake College
(Green Diploma – Matthew Dempsey-North Lake College)
Longhorn Lights Out – Matt Stevens and Kristen Cetin, University of Texas at Austin
(Longhorn Lights Out -Kristen Cetin TRACs presentationUTAustin)
Water Conservation on Texas Campuses of Higher Education, Hannah Zellner, University of Texas at Austin
(Water Conservation Strategies- Hannah Zellner)
Aggie Green Fund – Kelly Wellman, Texas A&M University
(TRACS AGF-Kelly Wellman)

This TRACs session will dig into best practices throughout our Texas community that will be shared in two different formats.  The first part of the session will be four short presentations on sustainable campus projects throughout our Texas region.  These can be associated with poster submittals or not.  Please contact Stephanie Perrone at if you would like to present on a program or project.  This will be a great opportunity for you to talk to your peers and get some valuable feedback.  The second part of the session will be using Open Space Technology and moderated by Lisa Madry from National Wildlife Federation.  During this time we will open the floor everyone in the room to post ideas they would like to discuss.  Exploration of these ideas is broken out into mini sessions for discussions- think of it as a “market place” of ideas.  The take away of this session is only limited by your participation, so jump in and take advantage of the time to learn, assist, and empower each other!

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