Virtual Campus Sustainability Month 2020

TRACS Hosted Events

Texas Regional Alliance for Campus Sustainability (TRACS) Networking Session (10/20/2020)
— Richard Johnson, Director of the Administrative Center for Sustainability and Energy Management at Rice University | Kelly Wellman, Sustainability Director at Texas A&M University

The Condor & The Eagle Virtual Screening and Panel Discussion (11/2/2020)
Bryan Parras, co-founder of Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services (t.e.j.a.s.) and the Sierra Club of Texas Beyond Dirty Fuels campaign | Casey Camp-Horinek, Hereditary Drumkeeper of the Womens’ Scalp Dance Society of the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, longtime activist, environmentalist, actress, and published author| Veronica Johnson, Sustainability Coordinator at Southwestern University

University Hosted Events

Dallas College

Introduction to Solar Electricity (10/6/2020)
Paul Westbrook, award-winning solar home designer and author of “The Joy of Efficiency”

Career Opportunities for Solving the Climate Crisis (10/13/2020)
— Lori Delacruz Lewis, Dallas College Sustainability Education Coordinator

Perennials You Can Count On (10/20/2020)
— Bonnie Arnold Reese, award-winning North Texas landscape designer

Grow Your Own Greens Inside Your Home: How To Get Started in Hydroponic Production for Beginners (10/27/2020)
— Ples Montgomery IV, the executive director of The Oak Cliff Veggie Project

Texas A&M University

Sport Ecology: Understanding the Relationships Between Sport and the Natural Environment (10/6/2020)
Dr. Brian McCullough, Associate Professor, TAMU Health & Kinesiology

The Green New Deal: Impacts of an Energy Transition (10/12/2020)
Lauryn Perez, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Modern Day Ethnic Cleansing: The Uyghur Conflict in China (10/15/2020)
— Michelle Lee, TAMU Sustainability Intern

How Natural Disasters Impact Low-Income Communities (10/15/2020)
— Thomas Jistel, TAMU Sustainability Intern

The Importance of Intersectional Environmentalism (10/16/2020)
— Lily Tetu, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Colorism Due to Colonialism (10/16/2020)
— Shreya Veeravelli, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Geoengineering: Climate Engineering and its Sociopolitical Implications (10/19/2020)
— Jessica Bomar, TAMU Sustainability Intern

How are Endangered Species Impacted by COVID-19? (10/19/2020)
— Kendall Sitzmann, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Seadrift Q&A and Discussion (10/22/2020)
— Emily Brady, Glasscock Center/Philosophy, Texas A&M University | Tim Tsai, Seadrift Director | Thao Ha, Seadrift Associate Director and Professor of Sociology, MiraCosta College

Fast Fashion During the Pandemic (10/23/2020)
— Jenny Jiang, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Sustainability of Disturbances (10/23/2020) 
— Paige Wirth, TAMU Sustainability Educator Intern

The Past is Not Normal (10/26/2020)
— Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, TAMU Atmospheric Sciences Professor, Texas State Climatologist; Director of Texas Center for Climate Studies

On Wednesdays We Recycle! Why Recycling is still so Fetch! (10/26/2020)
Caroline Ask, Environmental Compliance & Recycling Manager at City of College Station

The Story of Stuff and Discussion (10/26/2020)
— Kendall Sitzmann, Michelle Lee, Lily Tetu, & Jenny Jiang, TAMU Sustainability Interns 

Fair Trade: Globally and On-Campus (10/28/2020)
— Stephanie Denson, District Marketing Manager for Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services, Texas A&M Region 

Global Forest Conservation: Avoid Unintended Consequences (10/29/2020)
— Jianbang Gan, TAMU Department of Ecosystem Science and Management Professor 

Coastal Communities and Justice Roundtable (10/30/2020)
— Michelle Meyer, Director, Hazard and Reduction Recovery Center, Texas A&M University | Deidra D. Davis, Landscape and Urban Planning, Texas A&M University | Clare Palmer, Philosophy, Texas A&M University | Carlee Purdum, Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, Texas A&M University | Joy Semien, Urban and Regional Science/HRRC, Texas A&M University

Coastal communities, major environmental change, and inherent resilience: insights from the Fukushima coast (11/6/2020)
— Emily Brady, Glasscock Center/Philosophy, Texas A&M University | Leslie Mabon, Marine Social Science, Scottish Association for Marine Science – University of the Highlands and Islands
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Southwestern University

Sustainable Periods: Access, Health, and Impacts of Single-Use Products (10/10/2020)
— Ceanna Cooksey, Southwestern University EcoRep

Vote Earth: Building a More Sustainable and Just World (10/12/2020)
— Antonio Esparza, Southwestern University Sustainability Steward

Native Plants in Central Texas: Take a Hike (10/27/2020)
— Ceanna Cooksey, Leah Horick, & Sophia Potempa, Southwestern University EcoReps

Rice University

What is Climate Justice Now? (10/12/2020)
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, founder and CEO of Ocean Collectiv, founder of Urban Ocean Lab, creator of the Blue New Deal, and co-host of the How To Save a Planet podcast

Green New Deals (10/26/2020)
— Daniel Cohan, associate professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University | Jim Blackburn, environmental lawyer and planner; professor in the Practice of Environmental Law in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Ecologies of the Global South (11/2/2020)
Jennifer French, professor of Spanish, Williams College | Cajetan Iheka, associate professor of English, Yale University

University of Texas at Austin

Planet Texas 2050 – 1) Geospatial Analysis of Environmental Suitability for Establishing Burkholderia Species in Texas, 2) Digital Object Life Cycle (10/13/2020)
— Team 1: Stan Roux (Molecular Biosciences), Katherine Brown (Molecular Biosciences), Jessica Trelogan (Libraries), Michael Shensky (Libraries) | Team 2: Anna Dabrowski (TACC), Courtney Mumma

Planet Texas 2050 – 1) Texas Metro Observatory, 2) Texas Futures Virtual Reality Experience, 3) Hurricane-Resilient Healthcare Infrastructure Modeling with Integrated Flood Prediction and Stochastic Logistics Optimization (10/28/2020)
— Team 1: Katherine Lieberknecht (project lead – Architecture), Patrick Bixler (LBJ School of Public Affairs), Juliana Felkner (Architecture), Fernanda Leite (CAEE), Michael Oden (Architecture), Steven Richter (Architecture); and Nicole Joslin and Marla Torrado (CPW) | Team 2: Fernanda Leite (project lead – CAEE), Megan (MJ) Johns (Arts & Entertainment Technologies), and Andrew Solis (TACC) | Team 3: Erhan Kutanoglu (Mechanical Engineering), Zong-Liang Yang (JGS), and John Hasenbein (Mechanical Engineering)

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