Virtual Earth Month 2020

TRACS Hosted Events

Out of Thin Air: The Path Forward to a Safe, Resilient, Reliable, Renewable Source of Water, Food and Energy for Today (4/22/20)
Moses West, Founder of Atmospheric Water Generating Contracting | Jim Walker, Director of Sustainability at UT Austin

Let’s Start the Climate Take Back (4/23/20)
moses-west-video (1)
Joey Shea, Mission Activation Manager at Interface | Kelly Wellman, Director of Sustainability at Texas A&M

University Hosted Events

Rice University

Climate Solutions for Texas Webinar (4/7/20)
Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, Atmospheric Scientist at Texas Tech | Dr. Jim Krane, Energy Analyst at the Baker Institute | Mr. Ben Hirsch, Relief Worker at West Street Recovery | James Sanders, Rice University student

Greening at Home (4/21/20)
Rick Wilson, Political Science Professor | Lisa Lin, Manager of Transportation Demand Management | Richard Johnson, Director of the Administration Center for Sustainability and Energy Management

Rice Bike Month 2020: Merrily We Roll Along (5/7/20)
Lisa Graiff, Beyond the Bayous Project Manager at the Houston Parks Board | James Llamas, Principal at Traffic Engineers, Inc.

Southwestern University

Bat Appreciation Webinar (4/17/20)
Dianna Odegard & Lee Mackenzie, Co-Founders of Austin Bat Refuge | Emily Stanford, Bat Conservationist and Filmmaker

Sustainable Hemp + CBD Webinar (4/20/20)
Shayda & Sydney Torabi, Co-Founders of RESTART CBD

Texas A&M University

Communicating Climate Change in Texas (4/20/20)
Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, TAMU Atmospheric Sciences Professor, Texas State Climatologist; Director of Texas Center for Climate Studies

Small Things Snowball: The Trex Plastic Challenge (4/20/20)
Kristianna Bowles, Texas A&M Dept. of Residence Life Graduate Assistant Sustainability Coordinator

What’s the Real Cause of Climate Change? (4/21/20)
Dr. Andrew Dessler, TAMU Atmospheric Sciences Professor

Housing Crisis during COVID-19 (4/21/20)
Jessica Bomar, TAMU Sustainability Intern

What the Absence of Humans Has Taught Us (4/22/20)
Lauryn Perez, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Staying Sustainable While Staying Inside (4/23/20)
Ben Kalscheur, Texas A&M Sustainability Assistant Manager

How Coronavirus and the Economic Gap Affect Each Other (4/23/20)
Jenny Jiang, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Racial Discrimination and the Limits it Places on Society (4/24/20)
Shreya Veeravelli, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Lessons We Can Learn from COVID-19 and Applying Them to the Climate Crisis (4/27/20)
Lily Tetu, TAMU Sustainability Intern

COVID-19 and Domestic Violence: How Shelter-in-Place Orders are Affecting Victims of Abuse (4/27/20)
Michelle Lee, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Mental Health in Relation to Coronavirus (4/28/20)
Molly Murphy, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Responses to COVID-19: How Certain Groups are Being Left Behind (4/28/20)
Faiza Hasan, TAMU Sustainability Intern

The Most Forgotten Vulnerable Population: Homelessness & Sanitation Access During COVID-19 (4/29/20)
Thomas Jistel, TAMU Sustainability Intern

Comparing the Countries: Who’s Preventive Measures are Holding Up Against the Coronavirus? (4/30/20)
Kendall Sitzmann, TAMU Sustainability Intern

University of Texas at Austin

The Potential of Geothermal in Our Clean Energy Future (4/7/20)
Timothy Latimer, Co-Founder and CEO of Fervo Energy

Energy Gain and Complexity (4/14/20)
Joseph Tainter, Professor of Ecology/Environment & Society, Utah State University

Planet Texas 2050 Special Virtual Conference: Rising to Resilience Challenges (4/17/20)
Adam Rabinowitz, Associate Professor of Classics, UT Austin | Patrick Bixler, Assistant Professor of Practice, LBJ School, and Carmen Llanes Pulido, Executive Director, Go Austin!/Vamos Austin | Suzanne Pierce, Research Scientist, Texas Advanced Computing Center

Distributed Energy Resources in Texas​ (4/21/20)
Suzanne Bertin, Managing Director of the Texas Advanced Energy Business Alliance

Short Circuiting Policy: Interest Groups and the Battle Over Clean Energy and Climate Policy in the American States (4/28/20)
Leah Stokes, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at UC Santa Barbara

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day in the Lower Rio Grande Valley (4/22/20)
Seth Patterson, Naturalist and Accomplished Nature Photographer

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