Summit Steering Committee

The TRACS Summit Steering Committee is open to any Texas higher education professional or student interested in serving to promote sustainability at their university or college.  The committee sets Summit priorities and develops programming for the event.  Committee leadership rotates on an annual basis.

Current Committee Leadership Contact
Kelly Wellman, Texas A&M University

2014 Summit Steering Committee
Karen Blaney, University of Texas -Austin.
Kevin Dilliard, Southern Methodist University.
Marianella Franklin, University of Texas- Pan American.
Alice Gerhart, University of Texas -Austin.
Emily Hudson, University of North Texas.
Brad Johnson, Texas Tech University.
Ben Kalscheur, Texas A&M University.
Tiana Lightfoot Svendsen, University of Texas-Southwestern Medical Center.
Lisa Madry, National Wildlife Federation.
Hunter Mangrum, University of Texas-Austin.
Stephanie Perrone, University of Texas-Austin.
Laura Prange, Texas A&M University-Kingsville.
Charlie Shear, Texas A&M University.
Andrea Tirres, University of Texas-El Paso.
Kelly Wellman, Texas A&M University.

1 thought on “Summit Steering Committee

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