Slide Deck

Friday February 28

Session I-Concurrent Sessions

Track 2: Campus as a Living Laboratory: Integrating Academics and Campus Operations

Session presenter: Alice Gerhart, University of Texas at Austin
(TRACS Acacemic_Coord)
Session presenter: Shannon Harris, University of Texas at Austin (TRACS_TX_CityLab_Shannon_Harris_final)
Session presenter: Richard Johnson, Rice University

The pursuit of sustainability in higher education demands that colleges and universities be more innovative and adaptive at all levels, both academically as well as within campus operations and management.  Often considered separate spheres, the academic and operational domains within higher education share resources, goals, and missions.  Furthermore, institutions of higher education encompass the same complex web of social, economic, and environmental challenges as other sectors of society, whether public or private.  These challenges provide a unique laboratory for students to learn the critical thinking, leadership, and technical expertise necessary to effectively impact their post-secondary careers and lives to the benefit of society and future generations.  Developing engaging academic opportunities that focus on real-world sustainability problems within campus operations is an exciting way to transform and enrich both institutional arenas. This session will highlight current Texas initiatives aimed at bridging academics and campus operations, with a particular focus on the practical considerations necessary for successful collaboration.   Time will be devoted for critical discussion and brainstorming at the end of the session.

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