Student Poster Session Guidelines

  1. Posters should be electronically generated and printed in advance of the conference. 
  1. Presenters will be provided with a 36” (vertical) x 60” (horizontal) carpeted poster display board. Thumb tacks will also be provided for presenters to attach their poster to the poster board. 
  1. Your poster will be on display for roughly a 2-hour time period. You will need to check-in at the poster venue prior to the start of the session and have your poster set up before the start of the session. Allow yourself plenty of time for the setup in order to relax and enjoy the presentation. You are expected to be at your poster during the session to interact with and address questions from interested visitors. You are also responsible for the prompt removal of your poster and return of thumb tacks to the check-in desk at the end of the session. 
  1. Your poster should be constructed so that it presents the desired information in a self-explanatory manner. 
  1. Use large enough fonts so people will not have to squint to read the material. For headings, use at least a 48-point font. For text, use nothing less than 18-point. 
  1. Make your poster visually appealing. Have fun. Be creative. Incorporate color. Use photographs, graphs, charts, maps, and the like. Simplify charts and figures to include only relevant information. Be attentive to the layout and placement of your materials. 
  1. Place the title of your work in a prominent position on your poster. Include your name and your school. You may wish to have handouts, business cards, and a way to collect names and contact information for anyone interested in receiving more details about your research (Please remember you will not have a table at your disposal). 
  1. Do not plan on using any audiovisual equipment. None will be available, and if you bring your own, it will not be secure. You will not have access to electrical outlets and will not have a table or chair on which to place a laptop. 
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